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Ivan Dorn Takes the Road Less Traveled

Even before I did my research and learned the back story of Ivan Dorn (we’ll focus on the music – feel free to do some digging) this song and video immediately grabbed me.

The Ukrainian Pop star recently dropped his new single, “Beverly“, and everything about the song and accompanying video is inspiring.  Artists should take note.

Far from being a sound I am familiar with or even really interested in, what blows me away about this release is the creativity of it all.  While Ivan pulls inspiration from 90’s House, Pop, Nu Disco, Funk and Free Jazz – coming out with a release like this feels completely innovative in 2017.  “Beverly“, somehow combines all of these flavors into a transformative, ever-evolving Electronic jam.  The production features a driving bassline, along with perfectly placed horns, guitar solos, percolating synth melodies and snappy percussion somehow all working together in perfect harmony.

While I don’t really understand what he is saying in parts, it literally makes no difference.  The energy exuding from him is undeniable and I am hooked.

I’m not even going to get into how dope the video is.  I’ve already said too much.  Watch it below. 

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