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Jack Kane Drops Stellar New Single "Something More"

Leading up to the release of his second EP, Jack Kane's "Something More" offers summertime vibes during the cold winter months while delivering a vibrant arrangement behind standout vocals from beginning to end. Inspired by the relatable notion that it's the hardest to rest during times when we're supposed to be getting rest, Kane communicates a struggle that so many have dealt with - a wrestling match that can't help but make you wonder if you could be doing something more in your life to feel fully fulfilled. Whether it's more money, a new house or a job that you like more than your current one, it's hard to narrow down exactly what it is that leaves you "wanting more".

Offering nostalgic vibes, his incredible range and loveable folk/rock instrumentals create a soothing soundscape for lovers of all genres. And with relatable lyrics to match, "Something More" is sure to stick in your head. Inspired by incredible legends such as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Miley Cyrus, the UK-based singer-songwriter is making waves, guaranteed to never leaving you wanting 'something more'.

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