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JACK KANE gives us a soulfull sermon and a heart full of Folk Pop shouts

UK Based Singer, Songwriter Jack Kane has not only warmed the heart in my cold chest with "Something More" but has also left me questioning, feeling and ultimately experiencing in a spiritual way - the idea of Romance.

"Something More" is Folk Pop, with the Pop done right and the Folk done soulfully. The track builds like a bell ringing over the suburban neighbourhood as the church collects, the people surrounding the speakers as the track praises out into the ether, the joys, pains and spiritual entanglement that is falling in love and falling out of it again.

Jack Kane has a Voice that echoes over miles and "Something More" is a beautifully distilled poem of its power. "Tell Me What I Need To Do" is an EP I won't be able to get out of my mind for a while and "Something More" is just a taste of that.

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