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Jack Vallier is Back with ‘The Boy You Knew’

Jack Vallier has spent the majority of his life immersing himself in music and developing his talents as a songwriter and singer while also teaching himself to play piano and guitar.

Raised in Bournemouth he spent his youth listening to his fathers records which left a lasting impact on him and eventually drove him to become an artist himself.  He started performing locally at the age of 15 and quickly built up his confidence to begin creating.

Now fresh off the breakout success of his self-released debut single, ‘Rebekah’, Jack continues to blend emotive Pop beats, articulate songwriting and introspective storytelling with his latest release, “The Boy You Knew“.

 Produced by London-based songwriter/producer/singer Bruno Major, his latest offering is a haunting and emotional tune, seeing Jack reflect on his relationship with Rebekah further.  About the song, jack says, “It’s a song about regret, admittance and remembering everything me and Rebekah had in our relationship – how great she was, how I was happier with her and how I could’ve done a lot more and been better when we were together. I wrote this almost two years after our break-up, following a moment of realisation that I’ve come a long way as a person and wanting to tell her that.

While the song has a familiar and classic feel, the production is built around modern synth pads and drum programming, making it fit perfectly in the modern musical landscape.  What I love most about this track is the writing.  A beautifully depressing tale perfectly expressed through a solid vocal performance from Jack Vallier.  Easy to follow, catchy, and all too real for anyone who was once young and in love.

Already finding support from MistaJam and Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, I have no doubt Jack Vallier will be able to continue to deliver.

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