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Jade LeMac Unveils "Steal My Skin"

In the bustling realm of pop music, where authenticity often takes a back seat to flashy aesthetics, Canadian rising star Jade LeMac effortlessly stands out. With her sophomore EP, "Confessions," LeMac not only cements her musical prowess but also unveils a darker, more seductive side to her artistry.

The EP, released under Arista Records, serves as a magnetic journey into LeMac's unapologetic self-expression. Teased by the earlier release of "Got Me Obsessed," a track that amassed over 1 million streams, "Confessions" emerges as a collection of intense emotions and raw vulnerability. LeMac's fearless approach to her craft is palpable, resonating through every note and lyric.

Now "Steal My Skin" takes the stage with its catchy yet modest melodies and its ominous lyric video to match. A rainy day favorite, "Steal My Skin" is an anthem for those who are simply tired of trying. Sounds depressing I know - but relatable right? “Steal My Skin” is an exhausted love song perfect for the changing of seasons on these dark Fall nights.

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