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Jaeo Draftpick Brings End of Summer Heat with ‘Look at my Drip’

Long Island MC and leader of the 51631 movement, Jaeo Draftpick is making sure to keep the ball rolling towards the end of 2019. His most recent anthem “Bless The Trap” and several other releases are already making waves this year. Jaeo is back with some more end of the summer heat with his latest single “Look at My Drip“.

The new wave beat and hypnotic keys instantly bring the listener in while Jaeo’s hooky lyrics keep them locked. During his performance at the Strong Island Hip-Hop Festival, Draftpick debuted the single to a packed crowd and there is no doubt that this new hit is a crowd pleaser. With unapologetic lyrics like, “Drip on a thousand it’s never a drought, Rain on a party like I am a cloud, Slide on them haters I’m watching them drown.

You can’t help but get hype and sing along throughout the track. This single is a great new anthem to end off your summer.

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