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Jaeo Draftpick Stepping Up For Strong Island

Long Island MC Jaeo Draftpick is here with his debut label backed single, “51631“.  The track which features Reek da Villian was originally released as a video which has amassed close to a million plays across platforms.  Now with the backing of legendary NYC label Tommy Boy, the single is available digitally around the world.

Jaeo delivers witty and gritty lyrics atop the grimey Chris Prythm production that keeps you locked from the very beginning. This is by all means a New York Rap record, but the slick flow, top-notch lyricism and banging beat will without a doubt cross borders.

When asked about the track Jaeo said, “Basically I wanted to make a Long Island theme, because a lot of people forget what Long Island meant back in the day (Chuck D, EPMD, Biz Markie, Rakim).  Combining the two areas 516 & 631 to create 51631 just clicked and made sense.”

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