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Jaeo Shouts It Out To The Ladies In “Last One”

Long Island’s own Jaeo Draftpick is back at it with another jam, and he’s got a little something for the ladies…

Moving lyrically into a new territory, Last One stands out among previous tracks, shaking things up by exposing Jaeo’s softer side. Shifting from the usual masculine, hard-hitting rap vibe, a new audience is targeted with “Last One”, further expanding his fanbase. With convincing lyrics, Jaeo serenades the ladies into letting them know “I’ll treat you better than your last one”, and then some!

Alongside the track’s suave message, Jaeo holds true to confidence as a theme seen throughout his career as a musician. Although this track brings a new vibe, Jaeo lets it be known that he’ll treat you better than your last one, without a doubt in mind. “Last One” delivers with its pounding production and captivating, convincing chorus, opening up a whole new vibe to dive into as an artist. A music video is in the works to follow the release, so be sure to stay on the lookout!

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