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Jaime Deraz creates Urban Pop Melancholia with "Miss You in New York"

The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps and the bustling urban jungle of a hundred heartbreaks is brought to life with "Miss You in New York" a new-age romantic novel of the track.

Jaime Deraz has been delivering heart pop since 2019 and with "Miss You in New York" they have invited all of us to stare out the windows of our apartments, watching the people pass, and reflect on our heartbreak - the track is a soft pop ballad that plays like the best romance, but with the heartbreak or realism - it's a La La Land track, the melancholia of hurt layered under the beauty of pop love, soft lyricism and the always present memory of it all.

It's a real exhibition of their narrative talent that a track like "Miss You in New York" can play with its pop melancholia in such a beautiful and unabashed soundscape.

Jaime Deraz gives our hearts a jolt of beautiful pop reality and you just gotta let the tears run.

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