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Jake Minch is the indie kid we all fell in love with, and the storyteller we've all been waiting for

"Handgun" is a coming-of-age story told with the purest of intentions, with the warmest of hearts and the softest of voices "Jake Minch" has caught lightning, given us their voice and let us feel the magic.

Indie music just hits so much harder when there is an idea of magic to it and when the feeling of the narrative is tinted with sparks of fantasy, whether through memory, or fictional design, there is something beautiful about being a part of someone's story and have them create this fantasy around all of it.

"Handgun" is the new American tale, the dystopia of the youth caught in a bottle, made manifest through vocal performance and delivered to us by the angelic presentation of an indie voice like "Jake Minch's.

"Handgun" is soft-spoken, relevant and beautiful

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