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JAM OF THE WEEK: almost monday – Broken People [VIDEO]

Every once in a while, a song lands in my inbox that I literally can not get enough of… my latest muse is the debut single, “Broken People”, by San Diego based 3-piece Surf Rock outfit almost monday.  Comprised of life long friends Dawson Daugherty (vocals), and Luke Fabry (bass), along with Cole Clisby (guitar) who they met while surfing, the newly formed group has been rocking local venues in their hometown while preparing their first batch of tunes – and their debut is an absolute jam.  

Pulling from influences like Oasis, The 1975 and Frank Ocean, almost monday are taking the best of what they love and mixing it with some undeniable funk, a shit ton of groove and just the right amount of sass.  Before closing out the year and taking 2020 by storm, the group has recently unveiled their official video for, “Broken People”, helping to further cement their debut single as one of my favorite jams of the year.  Quirky characters, sunny scenes, playful performances and the perfect amount of weird all come together to help bring the track to life and give viewers a bit more to be excited about going into the new year. 

This is an outright jam.  Run it up. 

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