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JAM OF THE WEEK: Charlotte Cardin – Daddy [VIDEO]

Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin is starting the year off on a high note with brand new single “Daddy”. For those who haven’t heard of Cardin, the Montreal-based artist blends heartfelt lyrics with her truly unique voice. She’s got serious vocal range and can make a track shine based on that alone.

Released earlier this month with an accompanying visual, “Daddy” follows the release of “Passive Aggressive”, Cardin’s first release in nearly two years. Her return to the studio marks a collaboration with writers Jason Brando, Mathieu Sénéchal and producers Brando & Marc-André Gilbert (MAG). It’s clear the creative chemistry is flowing, because “Daddy” is an indie pop anthem that’s sure to leave an impression on fans of the genre. 

The ultra cool accompanying video finds Cardin in her lonesome in an empty moving theatre. It’s followed by a succession of shots of the Montreal singer in various locations: a rooftop, theatre stage, and candle-lit room, set against a backdrop of a dark night’s sky. The rather simple video has a certain grunge-chic about it that lends itself well to Cardin’s undoubtable cool-girl vibe (Elle Canada dubbed her as having a “coolness factor that goes beyond borders”). Aesthetics aside, this is a multi-talented artist cementing her place as a rising star in the pop realm.

Sharing the sentiment behind the song, Cardin says: “’Daddy’ is a song about kissing your crush right by the open bar, your crush’s other crush, standing by the shrimp buffet, sees it all. Your crush can’t choose between their two crushes, so you jump right in and choose for them. ‘Daddy’ is a song about knowingly making a bad decision and loving it.”

With her debut full-length album due out soon, and a house ambassador role for luxe fashion house CHANEL, Charlotte Cardin is only just getting started and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Follow Charlotte Cardin on Instagram here

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