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JAM OF THE WEEK: Chloe Lilac – Summer

Born in Brooklyn, fast rising Indie Pop artist Chloe Lilac found all of the inspiration she needs riding the NYC subways.  Taking her surroundings and experiences and turning them into songs started at a young age, eventually leading to Chloe sneaking out at 14 years old to perform on the street.

Over the last year, Chloe Lilac has begun to build her artist profile with a string of acclaimed singles.  With her first ever single, “Reckless”, reaching the top 5 on the Spotify US viral Chart (as well as other charts worldwide), it was clear from the jump that Chloe was on to something.  With tastemakers like NYLON, Kick Kick Snare, Hilly Dilly, Earmilk and DIY singing her praises, Chloe Lilac seems to be poised for a pretty fast rise to the top of the pot.  Bringing lo-fi production, relatable, deep rooted lyrics, a unique tone and an unmatched attitude to everything she touches, Chloe Lilac is without a doubt one of the leaders of the Bedroom-Pop revolution.  

Following up on her mid-summer smash, “Stolen Liquor”, Chloe has recently followed up with her new single, “Summer”, and it is a jam.  Opening the tune are some muted guitars that build along with driving drums beneath Chloe’s sultry vocals before finally picking up into the hook.  Huge chants and thick layers of guitar take the energy up a notch transforming the otherwise semi-depressing tune into an all out anthem.  With a few choice words, Chloe Lilac seems to let it all out in the new tune – and in a way that is totally her own.  

While Chloe Lilac may just be getting started, I don’t think it will be too long before she gets the shine she rightfully deserves.  Quality songwriting, originality, swag, and a never ending drive go a long way… keep an eye on Chloe Lilac.

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