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JAM OF THE WEEK: Chris Noah – River

23 year old Latvian artist Chris Noah has recently released a new tune titled, “River”, and is a poignant and emotional Pop leaning jam.

Teaming up with UK producer Kristofer Harris, Chris Noah says the song is, “about the process of breaking up, and seeing the safe haven you have once been in, slowly fade away. It’s about realizing that the other person is slipping away right in front of your eyes“.  Over a minimal and expressive production, Chris dominates the track, delivering a memorable performance.  With his dynamic vocals finding support from beautiful guitar, lush piano, and deep pads, the song builds from beginning to end helping to portray the deep rooted feelings that hide beneath the waves.  

While this may have been my first introduction to Chris Noah, he feels this is by far his strongest performance to date.  He elaborates, “Writing with more experienced artists and producing tracks with Kristofer, have evolved me as a songwriter.”  From what we understand, “River”, is the first taste of a 3 track body of work due out this September – and it is a beautiful first look.

While it may be early in his career, Chris Noah has already been nominated for the “Debut of the Year” at the Annual Latvian Music Records Awards 2017.  Of this is any expectation of what’s to come, make sure you keep an eye on this one.  This is a powerful jam.

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