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Jam of the Week: Derrival – Ice Cream

I am loving this new release from our neighbors to the north.  Vancouver based Derrival has found a perfect balance between Pop and Indie Rock with their latest release, “Ice Cream“.

After a 2 year hiatus, the 5-piece group is ready to give listeners a taste of their debut album… and it taste like ice cream.  Lush production, memorable vocals, a huge hook and an all around great vibe have me eager to hear the rest of the project.  While the bass and guitar create a strong enough base, the addition of keys, melodic synth lines and some other Electronic elements take it up a notch and make it hit that much harder. 

The hook plays out as a massive anthem that you will be screaming along with by the end of the first listen.  Already with many accolades under their belts including, a performance at Squamish Valley Music Festival, being chosen for the inaugural Juno Masterclass, and getting a nomination from the Western Canadian Music Awards, Derrival is without a doubt on their way to make an impact with their tunes.

Regarding the groups dynamic, their Facebook info gives some more insight:

As a young band that effectively grew up as musicians their songs are often critiques or call outs about what it means to live in a modern world. Their eclectic mix of pop, rock, and electronic sounds characterize a generation that had to learn how to find art and meaning in the seemingly endless noise of the digital age.

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