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Vancouver based Electronic outfit DiRTY RADiO first came together in 2010 looking to combine their musical abilities into a project that would resonate the world over.  Originally starting as a 3 man production team, DiRTY RADiO has since evolved into a two man live show as well with members Shadi and Waspy at the helm.

Since their inception they have been able to captivate an incredible number of fans by combining soulful, R&B infused tunes with jazzy arrangements and banging, groovy Electronic elements.  To date they have racked up over 20M streams on Spotify alone and have collaborated with heavyweights like Young Franco (Australia), Mike Mago (Holland), Jean Tonique (France), Favulous (Italy), Sleepy Tom (Canada) and Just Kiddin (UK).  With releases on labels such as Spinnin’, Partyfine, Majestic Casual and Mad Decent, it is easy to see that the industry is paying close attention to DiRTY RADiO.

With their sights set on 2018, they are looking to bring their dynamic live show to the UK and US.  To continue the push, they have recently released a new tune, “Turn My Body Up”, and anyone familiar with my personal taste in music knows that this is my JAM.

Smooth and soulful vocals sway on top of a bubbling, funky Electronic production.  Playful percussion peppers the track while glitchy synths and a rolling baseline bang beneath.  With the vocals sitting up front the production is built to enhance the vocal performance and make it connect on a deeper level.  While the clean production is perfectly crafted around the vocals, it also keeps the listener hooked at every turn with jazzy elements coming in and out at Just the right time.

Their latest release is as sexy as it is groovy and I can’t get enough of it.  For me, this is one of those tracks that will work no matter where you throw it on.  From the club, to pool parties, to a car ride through the city on the way to your next event.

This is easily my JAM OF THE WEEK.

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