• Nicholas Zallo

JAM OF THE WEEK: Elina – Here With Me

When Elina dropped her first single, “Wild Enough”, a few months ago, I was immediately hooked.  As someone who is a sucker for songwriting, there was no doubt that Elina was way ahead of the curve.  With an undeniable ability to write a song that is not only easy to follow, but makes the most of every word, “Wild Enough”, was all I needed to hear for me to fall in love (just don’t tell my wife).  It is not hard to understand why the track has already seen over 6M streams.  

When I saw her new single in my inbox, I knew there was about a 1 in a million chance that I would not be supporting – even before I got to listen, I already knew what to expect.  On, “Here With Me”, Elina once again stuns with a sensitivity and urgency that few can duplicate.  Over a gentle piano, she absolutely soars delivering a dynamic vocal performance that resonates from my ear drums to the depths of my soul.  

Once again, Elina has me all up in my feelings and hanging on to her every word.  If she can keep this up I have no doubt that she will be making some major waves.  An artist to watch for sure.

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