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JAM OF THE WEEK: Elina – Wild Enough

Ivor Novello-nominated sensation Elina, has had plenty of success behind the scenes over the last several years.  With major writing credits under her belt including her touch on the Maroon5 & SZA joint, “What Lovers Do”, which has already racked up over 1B streams, Elina is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with.

Incredibly poignant lyrics, impressively dynamic vocal abilities and a deep understanding of the music she is creating all come together to prove the Elina is a name you should get familiar with.  While most of her success thus far has been celebrated by the artists whom she has written for, it is time for Elina to strike out on her own… and her debut single is a beautiful first step.

On, “Wild Enough”, Elina delivers one of the most touching vocal performances I have heard all year, while nothing more than a piano lends support beneath.  This is the type of tune that has a 6’2”, 32 year old man feeling all sorts of vulnerable on his commute to work.  With very little production to hide behind, Elina’s songwriting and impeccable vocals are front and center.  While the lyrics are direct enough to follow along, they are also very open ended and interpretive, allowing the listener to come to their own conclusions.

For Elina, she says, “It’s the story of things I’m faced with and can relate to.  I wanted Wild Enough to talk about my self-belief in my own ability and the fear of being seen as inadequate, but also the will to do better and the pursuit of being proud of who I am and what I accomplish.

While this may not be your top 40 radio smash or the next festival banger…. this is quite possibly one of my personal top10 tracks of the year so far.  Music is supposed to make you feel… and this one does just that.  Take a listen and let this one sink in.

If this is her solo debut, I can not wait to hear what she has in store next.  I will be keeping tabs.

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