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JAM OF THE WEEK: Elley Duhé – Can You Touch

Every so often you find a new artist that hits you from the first instant and makes you wonder where thy came from and how you missed them – Alabama born Elley Duhé is one such artist.

Growing up in a musical family, Elley wrote her first song at 14 with a guitar that was gifted to her by her father and remembers practicing her skills during family jam sessions.  Always feeling she was different from her peers, she turned towards music to feel at home – developing her haunting, powerful vocal abilities and unique songwriting skills.

Since her late teens, Elley has been performing around the US, especially finding strongholds in Nashville, LA and Austin as she built her fan base and honed her skills.  With an already impressive list of credits to her name including having written for Usher and worked with the likes of Illangelo [The Weeknd], Jesse Shatkin, Arcade and more – Elley Duhé is only begging to show what she is capable of.

All I know is this song is my JAM OF THE WEEK and I will fore sure be looking out for her debut EP – which is in the works.

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