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JAM OF THE WEEK: Elley Duhé – Lost My Mind

Elley Duhé first came on my radar last year with her release of, “Can You Touch”. Since then I have been thoroughly obsessed and patiently waiting for new music.  Finally – the day has come.

From a young age, growing up in Alabama, Elley always found herself different from other kids her age and found solace in music.  Thanks to a guitar gifted to her by her father, Elley wrote her first song at just 14 years old.  Homing her skills by jamming with family, she eventually started doing live gigs around the south from LA to Nashville.  Now, well on her way to what I can only assume with be a long and prosperous career – Elley is without a doubt an artist to watch in 2018.

What serves as the lead single for her forthcoming debut EP, Elley has recently released, Lost My Mind, and it is everything I was hoping for and more.  For me, everything about Elley is totally authentic and totally her.

Her unique tone, expressive vocal performances, edgy progressions, introspective lyrics, haunting melodies and top-notch production choices all pretty much but guarantee her fan base is going to grow at a pretty substantial rate.  If you are sick of cookie cutter Pop music – Elley Duhé is here with a recipe all her own.

Produced by Mike “Scribz” Riley, “Lost My Mind”, brings a dark yet uplifting vibe that is undeniable from the first note.  Deep oscillating synths and echoing vocals open the track before bouncer basslines, rapid-fire hi-hats and a cracking snare join the party.  While minimal in instrumentation, the track feels huge thanks to some big filtered vocals in the background and a popping mix/master.

While the production is dynamic, clean and pumping, Elley is what makes this so special.  Building around the vocals, the production is here to enhance what she does best – write really really good songs.

About the tune, Elley says, Lost My Mind’ is about human connection. In the song, I’m pleading to the outside world and people in my life to not abandon me or think less of me because I may be going through a dark period. The point I’m trying to get across in the song is that something as simple as having compassion for someone is important even if you don’t understand what they’re going through.

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