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JAM OF THE WEEK: Family of Things – Oscilloscope

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Indie outfit Family of Things initially landed on my radar earlier this year with their single, “Harm”.

With that tune still holding tight near the top of my Indie Rock Solid playlist, Family of Things have pushed forward with a number of follow up singles that have undoubtedly caught my attention.  Lead by musical partners Bradley Barnham and Aaron Brown, Family of Things first jumped onto the radar of tastemakers with the release of their debut EP in 2016.  Just a few short years later, and the group has been able to secure a publishing deal and has recently just unveiled their debut LP, “Oscilloscope”.

Lead by the projects title track, Family of Things show an impressive amount of musicianship, songwriting skill and production prowess on everything they touch.  Dreamy, dynamic and with plenty of groove, the group seamlessly blends both acoustic and electronic elements into textured, colorful and emotional tunes that will without a doubt resonate with the masses.  

With their new album now out for the world to hear, Family of Things have enlisted musicians Myles Rogers, Will Gooch, and Justin Brix to round out the group as they prepare to take their electric live show on the road.  Having had a few years to hone their sound and develop the brand into a must see act, Family of Things bring a unique sound that sets them far apart from their contemporaries.  If you are a fan of sensitive songwriting, boundless vocals, rhythmic integrity and quality production – Family of Things is probably for you.  Do yourself a favor and check out the album in full below. 

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