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JAM OF THE WEEK: Franke – Bad Tattoo

Brooklyn is bringing some vibes these days. The hipster capital of the world is quickly becoming a haven for creative minds and adding to the scene is Franke.

While this may be the first tune that I have heard from the up and coming New Yorker, there is no doubt this is my jam. Over a simplistic beat, Franke relies on swag, great toplines and solid songwriting to make, “Bad Tattoo”, work.

Going back and forth from singing to rapping, Franke brings a smooth, urban, playful Pop vibe to the track. Tongue in cheek lyrics are easy to follow and easier to relate to – reading as some sort of shit talking millennial anthem. What I love about this tune is that it seems like a novelty record, but for some reason it feels authentic af. Either way, my opinion is pretty irrelevant with Franke adding, “Whether people like it or not, is out of my hands. As long as I like it. That’s my new vision.”

For artists, especially new artists, it is often hard to find your sound – so I guess what is most important about this record is that Franke feels at home. Franke says, “I’ve learned a lot about myself through this music making journey. My past 2 releases felt they were fabricated for a certain audience I thought I had to capture to become successful. This is the first track I am releasing that I feel is true to myself. At the end of the day I’m just a kid from Brooklyn and I need to create things I like, that are genuine to me.

Check it.

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