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JAM OF THE WEEK: Jeremy Siegel – No More

Who’s ready for the freshness?

LA based producer Jeremy Siegel is coming out of the gate hot with his debut, “No More”, featuring Madeleine Mayi.  The young up and comer blends vibes usually not heard together with a flawless precision.  Opening with some Hip Hop drums and bright synths, Jeremy quickly brings in the funk.

While Madeleine delivers on the vocals, Jeremy (along with some talented musicians) absolutely destroy this production.  Some Future Bass inspired synths meld with rolling basslines, enchanting chords and pounding percussion – throw in some vocoder, horns and guitar riffs, and you have an absolutely original and brilliant sound.  

Since the EDM bubble came and dominated the world, it was only a matter of time that real musicianship came back into the picture.  More and more artists are going back to the roots – even if they are doing it with the help of Electronic techniques.  This tune is a perfect example of what can happen when both worlds collide.

An absolute jam.  Moody, uplifting, powerful and FUNKY.

This is JAM OF THE WEEK material for sure.

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