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JAM OF THE WEEK: Kelli-Leigh – Can’t Dance [VIDEO]

Born in South London, Kelli-Leigh has spent a large part of her life immersed in music.  Influenced by artists like Whitney Houston and Prince, Kelli-Leigh has without a doubt become one of the most sought after songwriter/vocalists in the UK.  No stranger to the charts, Kelli-Leigh has provided vocals for massive global smash hits like, “I Got U”, by Duke Dumont & Jax Jones, “I Wanna Feel”, by SecondCity and has also co-written hits such as Low Steppa’s, “Running”, and Duke Dumont’s, “Be Here”.

With a number of her tracks still in regular rotation on radio, Kelli-Leigh has recently started releasing new tunes on her own terms with the launch of her own label, Music Core.  When discussing why she decided to go this route as opposed to signing with a major, Kelli-Leigh says, “I looked at releasing via a label but a lot of the majors seem to be focussed mainly on male DJs and producers at the moment. I’d been told multiple times ‘it’s ‘harder to sell a female artist’ and so decided not to wait but start my campaign myself.

As the second official single on her label, Kelli-Leigh has recently teamed up with UK producer Art Bastian for (what I consider) a massive tune, “Can’t Dance”.  The dynamic, Pop leaning dance tune sees Kelli-Leigh soaring to new heights over an uplifting, bubbly production.  Making sure to work everywhere from the radio to the clubs, the new tune brings an undeniable groove, plenty of bop and a whole lot of soul.  Brought to life even further by the official video, shot in Cape Town and featuring contemporary dance choreography, “Can’t Dance”, has everything I want from the Dance/Pop world.

About the record, Kelli-Leigh says, “I’m so proud to be putting out ‘Can’t Dance’. It’s a fusion of styles with the ballad entry point building into a satisfying dance drop, balancing emotion and beats. I’ve co-produced the record and produced the entire campaign and visuals around the release, it’s very much a product of my creativity and the growth of me as a Solo artist.

Having had so much success in the past while seeing her credits buried along the way, I personally couldn’t be more excited for Kelli-Leigh to be doing her own thing and in total control.  If this tune is any indication of what’s to come, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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