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Ever since buzzing Danish artist/producer Oskar Kronback, best known by his stage name KOPS, landed on my radar with this smash in 2017…. he has quickly risen to being one the most exiting artists for me to watch.

Since then, he has dropped a number of smashes, accumulated millions of streams, landed several high profile festival slots including Roskilde, Smuk Fest, by:Larm, Spot Festival and The Great Escape, and has continued to hone his signature sound.  Carving a lane of his own, all of his tunes incorporate a wide range of influences from Electronic to Soul, R&B to Pop.  

What has always impressed me most about KOPS is his ability to write incredibly relatable lyrics that leave just enough open ended-ness for the listener to interpret it however they see fit.  Throw in massive hooks and cool ass production – and all I can say is KOPS is onto something.  Having written and produced behind the scenes for a number of notable Scandinavian artists, KOPS is a personal escape for the 22 year-old who uses music as a means of soul searching  and reflection.  

Following the recent smash, “Four Eyes”, one of my favorite releases to date from KOPS – he is now back with his latest offering, “Down”.  Following his regular formula of – do whatever I want and make it slap – his new tune is an absolute bop.  Having recently tested the single on a large crowd during his performance at Roskilde, KOPS had all the confirmation he needed to set this one up as his next single.  He says, “There was magic between the crowd and us on stage – with no instructions whatsoever, everyone was sitting down, down, down, down, down to the music. That moment I knew that this song should be my next single.

As is the case with nearly all of his singles so far, if you decide to not pay too much attention to the lyrics – the song reads as a bubbly Pop smash – but listen harder and you will hear the real inspiration behind the tune.  About, “Down”, KOPS says, “Down is about being ashamed about your past and your actions…to show my family and friends that I regret some things that I have done to them earlier in my life.

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