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JAM OF THE WEEK: La Fine Equipe – What Eva [VIDEO]

While it seems I may be late to the party, it was only a couple of months ago that French songwriting/production outfit La Fine Equipe came onto my radar with this absolutely funky scorcher…

Hailing from Marseille and Paris, LFE is comprised of four French beatmakers, Oogo, Chomsky, Mr. Gib and Blanka.  Having all grown up music heads, they find their stride mixing Electronic elements with inspiration collectively pulled from Hip-Hop royalty like J Dilla, Mos Def and Madlib.  Since first launching into mainstream consciousness with their debut album, “La Boulangerie”, the group has released 3 more critically acclaimed albums and launched their own label – Nowadays Records.

Now set to release their latest project this March, the multi-faceted group has begun to prime the pump, most recently dropping a video for, “What Eva”.  The new tune is an anthemic, classic sounding, new school Boom Bap slap featuring J. Medeiros – and I literally can’t get enough of it.  Nostalgic enough to feel familiar to us 80s babies, yet fresh enough to have very little to compare it to… this joint fires on all cylinders.

To kick it up a notch, the official video sets the mood – bringing a rowdy, energetic, care-free energy to the track.  About the inspiration behind the video, La Fine Equipe say, “We wanted it to look like a 90s VHS that was put on the VCR. Part of the charm was its fuzzy, imperfect look so apparent during that era. ‘What Eva’ embodies a strong DIY ethos and we the band, did most of the filming ourselves using a small handheld camcorder. Everything was filmed on location in the supermarket. There are no 3D models. The song and visual is also a homage to the strong visual elements often found in 90s music videos like Mc Solaar’s ‘New Western’ and French hiphop outfit IAM’s ‘Je danse le Mia’. There is a surreal sequence in the video where we are surrounded by a kaleidoscopic display of supermarket products. To summarize, we had a complete blast filming this.

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