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While I have started to become a bit concerned lately about the name of my blog (RockDafuqOut) leading people to believe that we are in fact a Rock blog – I can’t say that I am mad about the impressive new groups that have been landing in my inbox.

Comprised of Dainéal Parker (vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano), Andrew Smith (drums, programming, backing vocals) and Daniel Alden (bass, backing vocals), Lone Kodiak are the LA based group on a mission to spread vibes.  

I was recently introduced to Lone Kodiak via their new single, “MNTNSD”, one of three tracks included on their new Pt. 1 EP – and I was almost positive from the instant I heard it that it would have to be JAM OF THE WEEK.  Produced by Math Bishop (Killers, Snow Patrol, 2 Door Cinema Club), the new tune is an all around beautiful and impressive piece of uplifting Alt-Pop.  While I could go into more detail on the production, arrangement and instrumentation, I’m going to kick back and let the music speak for itself here.

From the very beginning the listener is hit with an absolutely euphoric vibe which carries throughout the tune to the very end.  Clean and impressive arrangements, a great mix and  and a clear understanding of the genre they are creating – there is nothing here that I wish would change – everything is exactly as it should be to promise maximum impact and enjoyment for the listener.  Too sum it up… This is a JAM.

Check out the full project below and keep an eye on Lone Kodiak.

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