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JAM OF THE WEEK: Loud Forest – Out of My Head

There is something beautiful about working with someone that you truly vibe with on music.  LA based artists Rachel and Bernard have been collaborating for the better part of a decade in several projects, leading to where we are today – with the duo creating inspired Indie Pop tunes as Loud Forest.

With the original launch of the group dating back to 2013 with their debut EP, “Set You Free”, the duo have continued to create new tunes and develop their sound.  Now with a new album in the horizon, they have just released the third cut, “Out of My Head”.

Beautiful Pop sensibilities mesh with an Indie flare to create a jam worthy tune ready to brighten your day.  On the production end, layers of guitar, synths, bass and percussion create an uplifting vibe while beautiful harmonies and an interesting arrangement keep the listener on their toes. 

The dynamic release seems to follow its own formula.  With Rachel and Bernard behind the production, writing and recording of their music – this tune (and everything they release) is undoubtedly “them”.  With years of creating together under their collective belt, the chemistry behind the music is easy to hear.  With a sound all their own and a knack to make you feel, there is no doubt Loud Forest have found a fan in me.

About the release they say, “It’s an anthem to sing when you are intimidated to talk to someone because you are afraid they don’t even know who you are. You have a vision for something creative, and it’s beautiful in your head, but you’ve got to stop over thinking it and get it out there. It’s about getting over our insecurities and fears about what people will think. It’s about overcoming the inner critic, it’s encouragement to ourselves to just live and do what we love. It’s about getting out of our heads, and living honestly, transparently, and courageously…from the heart.

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