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JAM OF THE WEEK: Lucas Estrada & PAWL – 2Face

For anyone who follows the site, my praise for the Swedish Pop scene is never held back.  It is way too often that I come across gems that end up in my playlists for the long haul – simply put, the Swedes are two steps above the rest of the world when it comes to writing Pop smashes.

One of my favorite Swedish producer/songwriters PAWL often lands on the site (with every nearly every release) thanks to his impressive production and ability to craft memorable, vibrant tunes that I just can’t get enough of.  Most recently PAWL has teamed up with another fast rising Swedish producer/songwriter Lucas Estrada for, “2face”.  Between both parties, they have been able to rack up tens of millions of streams on Spotify alone and continue to prove themselves as powerhouse artists both behind the scene and in the spotlight.

The new collaboration brings a moody and bubbling feel, incorporating the best of the Pop world into a grooving and danceable jam.  From deep basslines, steady kicks, atmospheric melodics and muted chords to a catchy hook and smooth vocal, the new single is without a doubt ready to be played on repeat.  Speaking on how the track came to be, Lucas Estrada says, “PAWL and I spent three days in December working on a couple of songs at my summer cottage. On the second day, he was playing around with some chords that sounded really nice. Shortly after that we started writing melodies & lyrics to it. The song had a dark feel to it and we felt like writing about this topic. We finished the song for the most part during those two days.

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