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JAM OF THE WEEK: Matt Simons – We Can Do Better [VIDEO]

To date: over 500 million streams… In excess of 1 million single download sales… 8 million Shazams… Top 5 on AAA radio… #1 European airplay hit… 90 million VEVO views…

How someone could be pushing such huge numbers, and this is the first thing I’ve heard from them, only proves my point of how much extraordinary talent there is around the world.  What I can tell you is that one listen to this tune and I was absolutely hooked.

Hailing from California, multi-instrumentalist Matt Simons has been making some major moves since the release of his debut album, “Pieces”.  In a relatively short time, Matt has already secured some major touring overseas, and a judge slot on a tv show, while his new album, “Catch & Release”, has landed No.1 in Spain, Germany, Belgium & France, PLATINUM status in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland, and GOLD in Norway, Portugal, France, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Austria.

While I have yet to go listen to the tunes that have gotten him this far, his new single, “We Can Do Better”, has been keeping me hella occupied.  When this tune, and video, landed in my inbox, it took until about the first verse to realize that there is some incredible songwriting coming out of the Matt Simons camp.  Through perfectly crafted, easily understood and completely accessible lyrics you are pulled in with every word.  A clean yet perfectly crafted production that incorporates some, dancehall rhythms, clear Pop vibe and some unexpected yet awesomely, soul lifting Ska elements.  

Beyond the straight up songwriting skills, the message behind the tune is inspiring, uplifting and fun.  To match the song, the video is both poignant and fucking adorable.  With an all kid cast performing the tune with precision, it only helps to drive the songs meaning home.  About the video, Matt Simons says. “In our world of environmental and political chaos, it’s a comforting thought to know that there are children and young people out there who are creating solutions, we need them to deliver more than ever before.

All in all this a perfect tune and there is in all honesty nothing more that you could want.  A clear musicality and undeniable skill here along with stellar melodies and an overall VIBE.

Brb going to listen to everything else Matt Simons has put out.

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