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JAM OF THE WEEK: Mimoza – Love for Days

While this may be the first I have heard from Mimoza, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been killing it – it looks like I am late to the party.

Born in Kosovo, Mimoza fled the war-torn country as a young child and has since lived in Sweden, Germany and now the US.  Her unique upbringing has helped to shape the young artist, pulling inspiration from everywhere she has lived and everything she has experienced.  About her writing style she says, “Each song is like a page of my diary. If I don’t experience it, I can’t sing or write about it. Nobody tells me what to write or sing about, but myself. I’m the pilot of my plane and I have a great team of people that are my co passengers and believe in me as much as I do.

To date, she has racked up over 65M steams on Spotify, had a #1 record in Japan and has also hit the charts in Germany.  Known best for her powerful voice and impressive songwriting, Mimoza has been able to turn heads at every turn.  Her latest release, “Love for Days”, is a vibrant and uplifting modern love song that blends influences from Pop, Folk and Electronic into a memorable, accessible jam.  Carried by beautiful guitar, synthetic strings, deep basses and energetic drum programming, Mimoza absolutely dominates the track.

About the release she says, “It’s about that moment you find yourself in when you’re both on the verge of falling for each other, but no one has quite let themselves take that step! You both know you are right there, falling in love, but you both need a push to just go for it and surrender yourselves to the magic of what you’re feeling.”  Thanks to accessible lyrics, a massive hook and an undeniable groove, the new tune is yet another stand out example of why Mimoza has been so dominant since she first came into the scenes. Make sure you keep tabs – 2019 is shaping up to be a major year for Mimoza.

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