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JAM OF THE WEEK: Moscow Apartment – Orange

While their friendship may be years in the making, their new band is just getting started.  Having first met as members of Toronto’s VIVA! Youth Singers, Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla formed Moscow Apartment in early 2017.  Sine the release of their debut EP later that year, they have been steadily racking up some pretty massive achievements.

While I really had to copy and paste, there is almost too much for me to dig into here – so I’ll let the press release fill you in: So far, the group has gone on to win a Toronto Independent Music Award as well as a Canadian Folk Music award.  2017 culminated in their inclusion on the lineup for CBC’s Sounds of the Season, while 2018 has seen them make the top 100 in the CBC Searchlight contest, get play on NPR’s World Cafe, be listed in NOW magazine’s annual Artists to Watch series, embark on their first real mini tour to the East Coast, win more contests (including the 100,000 Slaight Music It’s Your Shot competition), announce a western Canada tour opening for Juno winners The Good Lovelies and land spots on lineups for high profile music festivals (CBC Music Festival and Camp Wavelength to name two).

I know it’s a lot to take in – did I mention they are only 15 & 16?  Way impressed.

While they may have started with more singer/songwriter, Indie/Folk sounding releases, it seems that their sophomore effort, coming early next year sees the group bringing a bit more edge and rocking a wee bit harder.  Their latest release, “Orange”, is an outright jam that I have had on repeat since it landed in my inbox.  Rich, rhythmic guitar carries the tune beneath the impressively dynamic vocal performance, only further hyped by a Ska inspired horn section.  Taking the listener for a ride, the new tune transforms from beginning to end thanks to a slick arrangement – keeping you locked in and ready to rock.  About the track Moscow Apartment says, “Orange is about the weird twilight zone feeling. This happens sometimes at sunset but when things suddenly don’t feel real and you feel like everything around you is a movie.

With such a young perspective, as teenagers themselves, Moscow Apartment is able to craft songs that exude youth, vulnerability, angst, depth and a wisdom beyond their years.  While, “Orange”, may have been the first time I heard from them, they quickly got me to go back and check out the rest – and it is not hard for me to see why they’ve been so successful so far.  Check them out… they are well worth your time.

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