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Hailing from South Wales, Gabrielle Murphy has only just begun – but her debut single is all the proof you need to know there is a whole lot more in store for the talented singer/songwriter.  Nurtured by BBC Wales HORIZONS program as a teenager, her incredible voice afforded her the opportunity to perform around Wales and to record in the BBC Maida Vale studios.

Now, having recently launched her solo project MRPHY with her debut single, “Hey Love”, she is well on her way to showing the world what she is made of.  On her debut, produced by Gavin Powell (Emili Sande) and already gaining support from BBC Introducing, MRPHY delivers a powerful, dynamic and emotive performance that had me hooked on the first listen.  Supported by keys and strings, MRPHY’s vocals steal the show – no matter where you may be in your journey, this tune will hit you in the feels.

About how the tune came to be, MRPHY says, “I really just wrote how I felt at that time. I lost someone I cared about and it was sad, that’s basically it. I think most people (including myself) overthink so much when trying to write a sad/love song. Thinking of smart ways to say simple things, thinking too much into it when sometimes all you need to do is say how you feel and that’s what I did. I really wanted people to listen to it and relate to it.

Siting inspiration for her sound including artists like The Doors, Lana Del Ray and Frank Ocean, MRPHY pulls from a wide range of influences to create her own sound.  Pulling from life experiences and basic human emotions, she finds comfortability writing from the soul and touching on topics others may be afraid to speak on.  She says, “I feel comfort in writing about things that people may be afraid to talk about. But not in a weird way. Things like traumas, all negative feelings and emotions. I like writing about those things because everyone feels them but may not feel confident enough to talk about them.”

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