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JAM OF THE WEEK: RahRah – Quiet

This is with out a doubt my JAM OF THE WEEK.

Following up on her last single, “Midnight Vibes“, which found acclaim from the405 who rightly named it a summer anthem, RahRah is back once again with her new tune, “Quiet“.

Sparse, glitchy, Electronic production lays the bed for RahRah to absolutely dominate on.  The simplicity here is what makes this track stand out.  A Pop progression and melodies are transformed into something way cooler.  Far from the formulaic radio hits of the day, “Quiet“, stands on its own as a beautifully banging, catchy as hell tune.

The vocal performance from RahRah take the lead from the top of the song and have you following every step until the last note.  Perfect in pitch, dynamic in delivery, mixed and sound designed for maximum impact, her voice has me hooked.

Lyrically the song takes you on a journey through the feelings of frustration when you miss the one you love in the early hours.  A lot of times it feels like the noise (stress, insecurities, drama) never ends… but it takes silence for you to really appreciate it – without the silence, the noise may quickly become too much to bare.

Everything about this song is on point… and that is why this is my JAM OF THE WEEK.

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