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JAM OF THE WEEK: Rainer + Grimm – Talk of the Town (feat. Plain English) [VIDEO]

Toronto duo Rainer + Grimm regularly end up in my list for favorite producers during open discussions on the subject.  While they have had some major successes, I find they have yet to really break through at the level I know they are eventually going to.  I felt the same way about CamelPhat 3 years ago… R+G just needs their, “Cola”.

With every release, R+G continue to prove my point.  Their ability to create in nearly every sub-genre and pull it off flawlessly Is a testament to their production abilities and true understanding of the music they are making.  Their latest release (+Video) for, “Talk of the Town”, featuring UK artist Plain English sees the boys taking a quick departure from the sexy R&B inspired Dance jams they have been dropping to dirty things up a bit.

Inspired by the UK Garage scene, Rainer + Grimm deliver a booming, bass heavy production while Plain English drops catchy, energetic vocals, all coming together to create a grooving yet hard-hitting dance floor filler.  While he production may be one of the least technical I have heard from R+G as of late, that doesn’t make it any less bomb… in fact there is nothing more needed here.

Another solid release in a super consistent string of releases and another great addition to their catalog.  Make sure you do yourself a favor and pay closer attention to R+G.  It’s only a matter of time until the blow dafuq up.

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