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JAM OF THE WEEK: Sara Diamond – Colors

Montreal artist Sara Diamond is making a highly anticipated return to RockDafuqOut with her latest single, “Colors”, from her debut EP, “Foreward”.  While this may be her first project released as a solo artist, it has been years in the making.  Crediting her abilities to the early influence from her family, specifically growing up performing from the age of 5 on her mother’s children’s record label, Sara Diamond has found music to me a constant for her no matter the ups and downs she has gone through.

Now as an artist in her own right, Sara Diamond has been able to rake in tens of millions of streams via her original releases as well as from high profile collaborations with the likes of Adventure Club, Paris & Simo and Naji.  While Sara Diamond may not be on your radar, her debut project is packed with outright jams.  Having already landed, “Crash”, and “Latter”, on RockDafuqOut, “Colors”, is yet another cut that is well worth a listen (or a thousand).

As is the case with the entire project, Sara Diamond puts her impressive vocals and songwriting skills front and center.  Absolutely stunning harmonies, a seductive yet innocent delivery, incredible control, unforgettable melodies and an undeniable vibe take home from the very beginning and make sure to hold on to the last note.  The contemporary jam relies on rich, organic production to set the tone while Sara dominates the track in only a way that she can.

While I am always hard pressed to create “best of” lists, I’d be crazy not to feel like this is one of the best projects of 2018.  Everything about it is on point, and that goes for nearly every track.  Do yourself a favor and give it a spin. 

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