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JAM OF THE WEEK: Tall Blonde – Light Up the Sea [VIDEO]

Hailing from the northern forests of Sweden is Indie Pop duo, Tall Blonde.  Originally coming together as a trio, they released their first three singles to critical acclaim, landing on the national airwaves in Sweden.

After parting ways with the third member, guitarist/vocalist Frithiof Stenvall and drummer Andreas Larsson regrouped and got back to work.  Now set to release their debut EP, “Wonderful“, in early 2018, Tall Blonde is back with their first offering, “I Will Light Up the Sea“. 

Delivered along with an official video, their latest release is a captivating, thought provoking, emotional tune.  Visually the shots are cinematic and raw, cool tones and mossy lighting help to enhance the vibe of the track.  I’m also assuming this was shot where they are located, giving a glimpse into the world in which they call home.

While the production remains pretty minimal throughout most of the song, it picks up towards the end to really drive the track home.  The vocals here are absolutely beautiful.  Expressive, rich and poignant, they lead the way while the production supports.

While the lyrics can be interpreted differently depending on the listener, Tall Blonde offered this description, “I guess the song’s about a hopeful and peaceful rampage.”  Take that how you may… but take a listen and let this track hit you right in the feels.

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