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JAM(s) OF THE WEEK: Yoe Mase – Falling + Prove Me Wrong

Based in New York, Yoe Mase first gained attention with the release of his debut album, “Life in Boxes”, just last year.  Finding some major love from top tastemakers with his debut, Yoe Mase has been hard at work since.  Now preparing the release of his sophomore effort, “Soldier”, he has recently unleashed a couple of singles that give fans more than enough to get them excited.

The lead single, “Falling”, which dropped last month actually came out on the same day he married his wife – who also happens to be featured on the track.  The tune is a modern love song that features a stunning duet between the newly weds and is about that once in a lifetime kind of love. When asked about the track Yoe said, “It is as though the floor has disappeared from underneath you and you have no choice in the matter but to fall,” a powerful message wrapped up in a somber yet feel-good package.  Delivering a sound that he has become associated with, Yoe Mase brings singer/songwriter inspired vocals mixed with a post-EDM production.  Driving rhythms, brilliant embellishments and clean arrangements mix together along with both acoustic and electronic elements – bringing you the best of both worlds.

Keep an eye out for his new project, “Soldier”, it’s sounding like it will be a gem.

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