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Jamar Rogers Turns the Page and Starts his Next Chapter with "Sugar Baby"

While it has been some time since he first tapped into the mainstream by captivating the judges, audience and world with his story and talent on The Voice, Jamar Rogers has remained diligent over the years working on his craft; but more importantly, he has been working on himself. Known best for his perseverance, authenticity and powerhouse vocals, Jamar Rogers may have been a fan favorite on The Voice, but it wasn’t until recently that he finally learned to see in himself the way we’ve all seen him since day one; as the beautiful soul, ultra-talented artist and deserving human he is.

While he has been somewhat spiritual nearly his whole life, often speaking to large crowds sharing his story, inspiring the masses, and spreading good vibes, it wasn’t until the COVID pandemic that all that soul searching he has done finally paid off. Within the darkness, Jamar Rogers finally found his light. While his journey has been anything but straight and smooth, it seems every bump in the road has helped him find his way. Having found his way around every roadblock he has faced (and there have been many) Jamar Rogers has finally found HIMSELF.

With his newfound sense of purpose and place, Jamar Rogers immersed himself fully into his spirit. Since becoming a certified meditation teacher, he has built a fast-growing, devoted and engaged fanbase online, sharing his love and energy with the world in hopes of helping others find their way. Throughout the process, he has continued to expand his horizons and has even started using Sanskrit mantra to deepen his meditation practice.

While it has taken nearly his whole life to finally be comfortable in his own skin, Jamar Rogers has never wavered in his quest to leave his impact on the world; and lucky for us, he has made sure to keep the beat in his heart play on. Now ready to show his fans (and whoever else wants to listen) the real Jamar Rogers, he has recently announced the release of his new single, “Sugar Baby,” and promises his new batch of music is undoubtedly his most authentic, personal, and honest to date.

While fans may be expecting powerhouse performances, technical riffs, and mind-blowing range; with a new Jamar, comes a whole new vibe. “I think that conscious and spiritual music has historically been a little corny, but there’s a new wave of artists coming out with some really cool sounds; sounds that are incredibly current but still reflect deeper spiritual truths.

Inspired by his spiritual journey, meditation practices and love of rhythm, his new batch of music focuses more on rhythm, melody, and vibe; letting his vocal technicality take a backseat while he curates a sound aimed to touch the spirit and effortlessly cross borders. About his new sound, Jamar Rogers says, “This sound is a culmination of personal tragedies and dark nights of the soul. It’s a sound I’ve been searching for my whole career.”

His upcoming single, “Sugar Baby,” he says, “is about feeling like God’s favorite.” Having produced the single himself alongside mysterious production duo The Vigilanteez, “Sugar Baby,” is the perfect introduction to his new sound and is sure to reignite his old fanbase while also showing his new followers that he is far more than an influencer. Clean and dynamic production laden with strings, percussion and pads perfectly compliment the soulful performance and stacks of vocals that will instantly get stuck in your head. About, “Sugar Baby, he says, “it’s about manifesting a good life. It’s to let people know that a better life isn’t out of reach, but first you have to believe that the universe has your back no matter what.”

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