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Jamar Rogers Teams Up with Kenah for Saucy New Release "Sugar Baby (Remix)"

For as long as San Diego-based singer/songwriter Jamar Rogers has been singing, he has also been on a journey of self-discovery.  While he has been trying to find himself nearly his whole life, Jamar has made sure to share his past traumas and hardships with the masses, letting it all hang out for the world to see; hoping his story can help to inspire and encourage others along the way.  While his past struggles with addiction, homelessness and heartbreak have been well documented, most notably during his time on The Voice, there is no doubt that Jamar Rogers has come out on the other side; stronger, wiser, and more motivated than ever. 

For the first time in his life, Jamar Rogers is finally comfortable in his own skin, embracing it all and charging ahead to make sure he leaves his mark.  Having taken a short hiatus from music to enjoy his newfound freedom and once again find his spark, Jamar Rogers returned late last year and blessed fans with, “Sugar Baby,” the first single from his next wave of releases.  Leaning into his African roots and incorporating elements from his life as a spiritual guide and meditation coach, Jamar’s new sound is nothing if not authentic and just one listen will leave you hooked.

While the original, “Sugar Baby,” continues to buzz, Jamar Rogers has since revisited the release, working with his team to create an alternate version that just may be even better than the OG.  With updated production, a re-worked arrangement and an absolutely fire feature from upcoming Nigerian artist-to-watch Kenah, the, “Sugar Baby (Remix),” only helps to prime the pump and further backs his promise to fans that – there is a whole lot more coming.  Smooth, sexy, and hypnotic, this new collaboration fires on all cylinders as Jamar Rogers and Kenah blend seamlessly atop the crisp, saucy production crafted by The Vigilanteez.

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