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James Chatburn breaks genre boundaries with “Darling I Missed Your Call”

From the second my ears were slammed with the time-stopping bass I knew I was about to be graced with something very tasty. A fusion of R&B, jazz and pop is brought to us by Berlin based, Australian raised James Chatburn. Following on from his tour supporting Grammy-nominated Jordan Rakei, James brings us the second single of his EP Damen, “Darling I Missed Your Call.”

I’m always drawn to songwriters who produce, two skills that seem ever so more impressive when emanating from the same person. Highs and lows are felt throughout the track as James glides across octaves from falsetto chants to explorations of lower-register vocals whilst throwing in elements of rap. What really excites me though is the dirty synth bass and diverse instrumental transfusion from guitars with grit to swelling trumpets. I almost feel as if I’m sitting in on one of the best jams of my life as the instruments take it in turn to improvise and converse between one another.

Make sure you give some love to James Chatburn’s new single below.

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