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Jasmine Thompson Is Emotive And Tender On Her New Single “happy for you”

We all respond to heat-break differently, especially when one person is reluctant to move on. After imagining the rest of your life with someone, moving into these new stages of our lives at different paces can be difficult. London-based singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson brings these complex emotions to the forefront on her newest single “happy for you.”

Carrying a despondent nature, “happy for you” brings you face to face with the reality of accepting someone else’s happiness, even if it’s something you can’t reciprocate. The production leans into moments of simplicity and solace, while at other times going for larger moments that compliment Thompson’s vocal strides and build the song into an illustrious plea for contentment. The melody really showcases Thompson’s vocal ability and provides quite an emotive performance sure to leave you speechless.

Jasmine Thompson’s booming YouTube presence and captivating vocals helped lead to a major label deal with Atlantic Records at the age of just 13. Now 20, the London-based singer-songwriter has enjoyed a musical growth that’s taken her from viral covers to her own WONDERLAND and COLOUR EPs. Since then, Thompson has become even more beloved, earning more than 3B global streams and over 5M monthly Spotify listeners worldwide. Her blockbuster YouTube channel has also grown by leaps and bounds, accruing over 674M YouTube views and more than 3.62M subscribers thus far.

Photo credit: Clara Bäcklund

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