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Jay Kayze is Back with an Electrifying New Single

Back with an unmistakable ode to Hip Hop, Bay Area artist Jay Kayze puts his eye on the prize in his new hard-hitting track “Dollar N a Dream”. The life of an artist is hard enough; but having it paired with doubts from family, friends or even fellow artists can make the mountain that much harder to climb. But Kayze doesn’t seem phased; dedicated to himself and his dream, Kayze is ready for anything as he sets out on the next chapter of his decorated journey. Paired with a captivating visual, his lyrical cadence sits seamlessly on top of the pop-leaning old-school instrumental, creating a sound reminiscent of popular rapper J. Cole. Setting the stage for his upcoming mixtape “Freestyles N Phantoms”, we’re introduced to a brutally honest look at what is wrong with our current world and how something as simple as love could be the answer that we’re looking for.

“I’m tryna make y’all see, all it takes is love / A dollar, dreams, n a team, to lift you up” ~ Dollar N a Dream

Easily coined the standout single off of his upcoming project, “Dollar n A Dream” was first written during the early morning hours after Kayze found inspiration from his bandmate Koste’s new beat. Delivered in just one take; Kayze aimed to keep his new music as raw as possible, offering a more grounded, down to earth approach to his new material. The decision was meant to mirror one of his biggest idols - Jay-Z aka “First Take Jay” with verse one being prewritten and verse two being a freestyle completely; the decision was meant to bring the true essence of “Freestyles N Phantoms” to the surface.

Jay Kayze has opened for notable artists like Nas, Rakim and Too Short. He has received high praises from The Game, DC Young Fly and has amassed over 4M streams cross-platform. There’s no denying Kayze is making a name for himself and it is his goal to continue his rise while staying true and connected to his Hip Hop roots.

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