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JEONA Returns with Smooth New Single "Paloma"

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

JEONA aka Jonas Halager wrote his latest hit during the cold Danish winter months with nothing but a drink in his hand and past memories of love. "Paloma"'s catchy pop/r&b vibe describes how he tries to find comfort and answers through the taste of something his former girlfriend introduced him to, while he struggles to understand what made him like the taste in the first place. And the Copenhagen-based performer, producer and songwriter puts his entire soul behind everything he does. By creating a timeless record like "Paloma" for fans all over the world, he embraces his story while hoping that it will help another person embrace their own. Puzzled by his feelings, "Paloma" concludes that he’s stuck in the past. The single is the second single off the EP Kiss & Crash that set to be released during May 2022.

Listen to more like JEONA here:

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