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Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler Rekindle Their Unmistakable Chemistry On “this is how you fall in

Falling in love doesn’t always involve grand gestures. Sometimes true friendship is all it takes to feel something special with someone. Dynamic duo Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler emulate this special love on their newest tune “this is how you fall in love” before the release of their second joint EP brent ii.

The tune is delicate in nature, but allows you to fall into every word uttered by Zucker and Cutler. The foundational piano and guitar are simple, reminiscent of how simple love is, while the two artists swoon words of confidence and endearment. Their voices together create a sense of intimacy that could warm any cold heart. The two echo remarks of how special this tune is, with Zucker noting:

“We wanted to write an iconic love song – Chelsea and I always seem to gravitate towards heartbreak, so writing ‘this is how you fall in love’ was a ton of fun for us. As on the nose and cliché as it sounds, it’s a song we imagine people in love slow dancing to.”

Culter chimes in, saying,

“‘this is how you fall in love’ is easily one of my favorite songs Jeremy and I have written together, and we knew as soon as we wrote it that it felt really special. It really shows the direction of the project and the growth since brent.”

“this is how you fall in love” heralds the arrival of their forthcoming EP, brent ii, releasing February 5th. It could be argued that the universe brought Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler together. Over the past few years, Zucker has galvanized a solid fan base with his breakout single, 2018’s “all the kids are depressed.” He’s continued his upward mobility by outdoing himself with “comethru,” a single that has reached a staggering 80 million in Spotify streams, coupled with over 35 million views on its video. Meanwhile, Cutler has become a force, starting with a series of covers on Soundcloud that gave way to her own self-written and self-produced work like 2017’s “Your Shirt,” which cracked the Spotify charts with over 62 million streams. Both artists have been paving the way in their respective lanes.

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