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Jive Miguel is Back with Don Altae for ‘FWM’

If Jive Miguel hasn’t yet landed on your radar – no need to worry – he is just getting started.  The new project, launched by Nashville based producer/songwriter Kelly FitzGerald is only a few releases in, yet it is already making some major waves.  Having written and collaborated behind the scene alongside artists like Bobby Feeno, Hit-Boy, Xavier Omar and emerging pop group, DOUBLECAMP for some time – his new project was birthed from an urge to express his creativity, unhindered by outside opinion and industry pressure – and the results have been fantastic thus far.  

Since launching the Jive Miguel project in September, he has continued to keep the heat on – first with a fresh double single, and now with my personal favorite tune so far, “FWM”. 

On his latest release, slick production, intricate arrangements and tons of swag come together on the production end, creating a sexy, dynamic and smooth as hell beat for vocalist/collaborator Don Altae to absolutely smash.  With seemingly sporadic (yet totally tight and perfectly executed) embellishments weaving their way in and out of the track, the tune brings along with it a free flowing feel all glued together by some snappy drums and deep 808’s.  I’d you pay attention to nothing else – make sure you keep an ear on that bassline… Jive Miguel clearly knows exactly what he is doing and he is doing it in prime fashion.

With Don Altae delivering a stunning performance, from smooth R&B melodies to more energetic Hip Hop leaning verses, this track fires on all cylinders from beginning to end.  Finding the perfect balance between laid-back and hard-hitting is never an easy task, yet, “FWM”, does exactly that.  This is a jam, plain and simple.  Make sure you run it up. 

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