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JMSEY Confronts the Flighty Nature of Social Media in “InstaHam”

Quick off the heels of his popular hits “Sunny Days” and “Style”, Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist JMSEY is ending the year on a punk rock note with the release of his latest hit “InstaHam”. The new track delivers a more serious tone than his previous hits by confronting the performative nature of social media, especially as it pertained to 2020. Sporting the American flag in his cover art, we understand that he’s directing his voice toward the tension fueled by politics and how social media influencers took to their platforms to “take a stance” on certain topics. And for those who actually made a difference, bravo! But the self-indulgent posts didn’t do much and JMSEY isn’t afraid to talk about it. Leading the charge with chaotic punk riffs, we are introduced to a new soundscape for the successful pop artist; but don’t worry, his catchy pop melodies aren’t going anywhere. “InstaHam” certainly turns things up a notch, and we’re here for it.

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