• Nicholas Zallo

JNNA Explores What it is Like to ‘Feel So Alone’

It is no secret that LA is a hotbed for talent in the music industry.  Everyday we are delivered tunes from up and coming artists from LA, making the scene a bit saturated – yet there are always songs/artists that stand out.

When we first heard the new tune, “Feel So Alone”, by LA based singer/songwriter JNNA, there was no denying the vibe.  Pulling influences from Blues and Soul and mixing with the new sounds and textures, JNNA finds her stride this time on a chill and melodic Electronic production.  Produced by Tyzo Bloom, her latest release is only her second single.

There are two kinds of solitude: being alone without anyone there and feeling alone when you’re with someone. JNNA‘s new single, “Feel So Alone“, explores the latter.

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