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joan is Back with "don't wanna be your friend"

Have you ever had someone tell you, "can we just be friends?". joan's new hit “don’t wanna be your friend” details the all too relatable feeling of being in a relationship with someone you love and feel close to but knowing that you need to move on as that person is not the right one for you. Written after their return from their biggest headlining tour yet, the duo ends 2022 with an upbeat yet reflective pop hit that will prove relatable to many. Friendships end too and "don't wanna be your friend" was inspired by the realization that sometimes, it's necessary to cut certain people out of your life. Hoping to motivate listeners to listen to their gut, make their move and pursue their true passions, "don't wanna be your friend" sucks you in from the very first strum. Featuring colorful synths over electronic soundscapes, the track introduces mainstream-friendly melodies with an almost anthemic like quality, accompanying a light hearted music video to boot. Visit joan on Instagram to learn more.

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