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  • Katie O'Leary

Jocelvn Is Caught Up In The Tides of Young Love On “ocean”

Delivering her trademark rhythmic R&B melodic bars filled with infectious good vibes, jocelvn returns with her fresh tune “ocean.” Romanticizing budding feelings and sultry emotions, “ocean” is a feel-good song that is another perfect example of jocelvn’s dynamic songwriting capabilities.

We first fell for jocelvn when we received her tune “LAUNDRY,” an indie-alternative leaning bop with a light danceability and vintage flair. But “ocean” seems like home for jocelvn, as her undeniable R&B sound takes over. Her warm vocals float above the intoxicating beat like floating in the ocean’s waves. She fantasizes a romance that emphasizes the desire to be put first before anything else. This type of love leaves you wanting more, “work five days just to see you on the weekend” type of love; the kind that is young, carefree, and naive.

Raised in Walnut, CA and Taipei, Taiwan, jocelvn first discovered her love of songwriting at the age of twelve after listening to John Mayer’s entire discography and teaching herself how to play those songs on the guitar. Her sound comes from intuitively blending alternative rock with 90s R&B and creating a mature and soulful sound. She debuted with her single “Drowning” in September 2020 and then followed the release with her 6-track project Carry On.

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